Investor Code of Conduct
RAMCO INDUSTRIES LIMITED Corporate Office, Chennai
A Director being a Trustee of the Shareholders shall –
  • Act always in the best interest of the Shareholders.
  • Maintain a high standard of probity in his relations with the Company, its subsidiaries, employees, contractors, suppliers and customers.
  • Maintain confidentiality of the Company on matters that come to his knowledge as Director, both during his Directorship and thereafter as well.
  • Always conduct himself in a manner that befits his position.
  • Assist the Company to observe the provisions of the Company law and other laws applicable to the Company, both in letter and in its spirits.
  • Not use this position in any manner to his personal advantage or that of his family or friends.

A Senior Management person is one who occupies the rank of General Manager or above and notified from time to time as a Senior Management person.

A Senior Management personnel shall –
  • By his personal behaviour and conduct, set an example to his fellow employees.
  • Conduct himself in a manner that upholds his integrity, rectitude and fair name of the Company and give no occasion to the Management to explain his actions or behaviours.
  • Refrain his position for personal benefit from the employees, contractors, suppliers and customers of the Company.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of the Company's information that has come to his notice, except where disclosure is authorised in writing by the Management.
  • Observe all prescribed safety and environmental related norms.
  • Not divulge to any member of the press or media any matter concerning the company unless authorised by the Management.
  • Not engage himself in any business relationship or commercial activity with or without remuneration, without the prior written permission of the Management.