Metal and Industrial Roofing Sheets with Non-Asbestos, The New Age of Roofing


Ramco Greencor Ramco Greencor is a superior roofing product, manufactured using European Technology and specially developed (PVA), Poly Propylene Fibres to give the world its first ideal industrial roofing sheets. Ramco Greencor roofing sheets are 100% asbestos-free.

The qualities that make these non-asbestos roofing sheets stand out are:

Keeps interiors cool: Ramco Greencor has very low thermal conductivity property which results in lower conductance of heat or cold. It keeps internal temperature cooler than ambient temperature.

Increased Productivity: Plant level manufacturing output responds negatively to high temperatures. The magnitude of losses is economically significant. Ramco Greencor ensures a better working environment.

Durability: Ramco Greencor sheets have a long life of upto 50 years and are trouble-free and maintenance-free.

Zero Noise Pollution: Compared to metal roofing sheets, Ramco Greencor ensures calm and quiet environment.

Chemical Resistance: Ramco Greencor has excellent chemical resistance and is an ideal choice for Chemical Plants and Oil Manufacturing Facilities.

Ramco Greencor roofing sheet is one of the best non-asbestos roofing sheet which offers 100% asbestos-free. It gives both durability and productivity compared to metal roofing sheets and are the ideal choice for Pharma, Textile, Manufacturing, Food, Paper & Pulp, Oil Manufacturing, Chemical & Fertilizers, Warehouses, Dairy & Poultry Farms, Railway Stations and Bus Stands.

Ramco Greencor non-asbestos roofing sheet is a part of Ramco’s vision of green constructions and is a GreenPro certified product from CII-Green Products and Service Council. GreenPro is a mark of guarantee that the product which bears the GreenPro label is environment friendly throughout its life cycle.

IS 14871 Standards

The Indian Standards of 14871 speaks about the specifications of the roofing sheets. IS 14871 says, “Products in Fibre Reinforced Cement - Long Corrugated or Asymmetrical Section Sheets and Fittings for Roofing and Cladding.”

Polypropylene reinforced cement corrugated sheet

Asbestos roofing has been in place for quite some time now. Asbestos is known to be hazardous when it’s friable. Asbestos also causes various health problems, most of which are related to the lungs and respiration. As an alternative, polypropylene reinforced corrugated cement sheets have come to place. They’re made with a blend of strong factory-produced fibres. It gives an excellent resistance power like asbestos and is much safer. It can withstand harsh conditions like sun, wind and rain. The technology used works such that the sheet reduces the internal temperature and keep the interior cool. It also works best for noise control from the outside. It is firm and does not corrode or have dents easily. Some of the smart features are:

  • Low maintenance cost
  • Durability
  • Provides good aesthetics
  • Easy to transport and manufacture
  • Withstands rough climate

High impact polypropylene cement roofing sheet

These roofing sheets act as an alternative for asbestos sheets. They provide maximum protection against moisture and humidity that is often seen as a problem with the other roofing sheets. These sheets are made with industry produced fibres with a blend of high impact High- Impact Polypropylene. This is an advancement in the construction industry. Polypropylene is considered to be the safest of all plastics. The resistance capacity helps in opposing harsh climate conditions. It also resists fire to a great extent. It is cost-effective, easy to manufacture and transport and has great durability, which makes it last longer.