High Impact Fibre Cement Board for Partitions, Walls and Ceilings


Introduced in the year 2016, Ramco Hicem Fibre Cement Boards, Tiles and Planks are made using cement, cellulose fibres and special additives. Its laminar process gives it a stable crystalline structure and is made as per IS:14862-2000. This structure brings an added advantage to Ramco Hicem, making it more durable and dynamically stable.

Ramco Hicem outperforms all the existing building materials in all parameters. Some of the key properties that make Ramco Hicem stand out are:

Fire Resistant: Ramco Hicem Boards and Tiles are non-combustible and cannot be ignited. With a fire propagation index of 0.7, it stands best in its class and it does not allow the spreading of flame.

Water Resistant: Unlike Plywood and Gypsum boards, Ramco Hicem Boards and Tiles are also water resistant.

Termite Resistant: Ramco Hicem is 100% inorganic hence no threat of any termite attack.

Fungus Resistant: Ramco Hicem Boards are made up of natural minerals that are inorganic and hence resist the growth of moulds.

100% Asbestos-free: The combination of cement, cellulose fibres, and special additives make Ramco Hicem Boards and Tiles asbestos-free.

Impact Resistant: Ramco Hicem Boards are manufactured using autoclave process to give a stable crystalline structure hence has high impact strength and gives greater structural stability to structures.

Ramco Hicem Boards have a wide range of dry construction applications in offices, residential, industrial and commercial segments.

Ramco Hicem Fibre Cement Tiles offer excellent choices for grid false ceilings laid through an exposed grid system. These tiles come in different textures - Marina, Valley View and Cedar which increase the aesthetic ambience of your interiors. Ramco Hicem tiles offer superior thermal insulation properties and help you minimize air-conditioning power consumption.

Ramco Hicem Planks are fibre cement sidings which offer a perfect solution for cladding requirements. These planks are fire resistant, water resistant and termite resistant and have a high impact strength which make them an ideal choice to protect your exterior walls from extreme climatic conditions.

The autoclaved wood grain texture planks give your exterior a stylish finish and enhance the look of your structures. The planks can be coated with acrylic paint to suit your color preference.

Ramco Hicem Fibre Cement products are part of Ramco’s vision of green constructions and is a GreenPro certified product from CII-Green Products and Service Council. GreenPro is a mark of guarantee that the product which bears the GreenPro label is environment friendly throughout its life cycle.